A surprising surprising success – Michael Kors Jet Set Laptop Tote. I love this bag!

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I tend to not go for things that are hugely popular. I tend to see something once and love it, twice and become very curious, three times and want to buy it, four times and lose interest. I get bored very quickly and I don’t like to look like everyone else. In Sweden if there is a trend, EVERYONE wears it. EVERYONE!

So when Michael Kors totes started to become popular I liked them but decided not to buy one because everyone was carrying them.

At the end of the season though, one of our local department stores had a 50% off sale and were selling these totes at 50% discount. I thought of it but then decided not to. Then one day I happened to walk past when the discount went even higher but all the MK totes were gone. THEN I found one displayed with the new season colours. This one is a Raspberry (new season) but was labelled a Fuchsia (old season) and was a brilliant price.

I started using it because it matched my favorite shoes and belt perfectly. But then I continued using it because I liked how well designed and easy to use it is. Then I fell in love with it. Now I am unable to move out of it!

I like it because:

  • it is nice and light
  • it has a flat bottom so stands up nicely
  • things don’t fall in a heap at the bottom
  • there is a nice padded central compartment for a laptop or files. My laptop is 15″ and fits perfectly
  • there is an iPad pouch (also padded) which can hold an A5 notebook
  • there are five pockets, one with a zipper
  • it holds A4 files and papers straight and smooth without bending them
  • there is a keychain
  • the straps do not dig into my shoulders
  • they are the perfect length for being hand, arm or shoulder-held
  • it does not show a mark
  • it softens with use
  • the workmanship is excellent

This one is a Michael Kors Jet Set Laptop Tote and it has a middle compartment. You also get a Jet Set Tote which has a single central compartment. If I get another one I will probably get that kind. And maybe in black or brown. But I am so happy with this pink one. I was not expecting to fall in love and I did – head over heels!

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photo 3-2





Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I purchased the MK’s Jet Set Travel Tote which is identical to this minus the laptop case. Like you I was hesitant to purchase this type of MK handbag in particular because they are very popular. I have a Snakeskin pattern which isn’t so recognizable and I love it so when a scarlet Jet Set went on sale I decided to try it mostly because I wanted a deeper red tote and the scarlet is beautiful. I was not disappointed. It’s absolutely wonderful in all the ways you describe.

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