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Pencil case, two pencils, an eraser and a lead pointer to sharpen the leads.
Pencil case, two pencils, an eraser and a lead pointer to sharpen the leads.

I have never been one for pencil but over the last year I am a convert. I tend to hate making mistakes and having to cross things out, I don’t like Tippex, and when my schedule gets overcrowded and things keep changing, pencil is the only thing that saves me.

I am left handed which means that my left hand rubs over soft lead or wet fountain pen ink so I use harder 2H lead in 2mm size. I use it in most places – my notebook, my lists, my diary.

For about two years I have been using my 1899 Edwardian Commemorative Pencil. It is well over 100 years old but works perfectly and is nice and compact. The thing I like most about it is that it has a cover. Most pencils have pointy ends which dig into things. I hate that.




At the moment though I am using Parafernalia Linea 2mm pencils which are really nice. The lead is easy to load and remove, it retracts to give a nice blunt end so that it does not poke holes into things in my bag or pencil case. I also use a lead pointer to sharpen the ends and a Japanese eraser from Nanami Paper. I generally buy all my pens and pencils from Cult Pens because their service is brilliant and so fast. Two days from the UK to Sweden!

PF21695-PU~Parafernalia-Linea-2mm-Pencil-Purple_P2 PF21695-BU~Parafernalia-Linea-2mm-Pencil-Blue_P1

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. Yes it is! It goes with me everywhere as it is so small and special. I have even worn it on a chain around my neck. It is usually on the keyring on the Akiko purse in my bag. I have a gold one as well, also Edwardian but the lead is a funny size and I battle to find it.

  1. I too am a pencil lover for some of the same reasons as you – I hate cross outs. My favorite is an Cross mechanical pencil that has to be 40 years old. I’d be lost without it. i use it for most things except crosswords because no matter what, I cannot see much of what I’ve filled in and if I press down to heavily I rip the paper.

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