Mulberry Black and Birds Nest Leopard A5 Notebook

After a mercifully short hunt, I found a brand new A5 notebook to match the wonderful pencil case I got from Karen. They match perfectly and I am thrilled!

The leather is wonderful but the scotchgrain is what makes it. So durable and it feels really nice. Naturally, the cute little Mulberry pencil sharpener is just the cherry on the top! The paper is very very nice and has 31 lines, which suits my purpose perfectly as I am going to be using it for a project that needs a line a day. Gotta love the Mulberry Tree!

photo 3
The box was covered with a thin cardboard sleeve
photo 4
First glimpse of the maroon box
photo 5
My preciousness
photo 2-7
Tissue paper
photo 3-5
Isn’t it gorgeous?
photo 4-5
The lock is a pencil sharpener as well. It came in a tiny ziplock bag and still has the protective plastic covering on it, which I shall leave on for the time being to keep the lock new and shiny
photo 4-1
Perfect gilt edge pages
photo 3-1
I love this!
photo 5-5
I do love scotchgrain. It is so harwearing and waterproof. My first ever Mulberry bag was scotch grain and that thing wore like iron.

photo 2-8

photo 3-6
With the wonderful pencil case I got from Karen
photo 4-6
Another angle
photo 1-2
Mulberry stickers

photo 2-2

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