On its way to me – Gigliodoro Brown Divino A5 with gold hardware

It came from Luxecadeautjies.nl via special offer in the Gillio Market Place. It cost €199 (usual price €249).

Most people who read my blog know I love lockable diaries so this is right up my alley. There are no keys to the locks but I have a master key set which should fit if I wish to lock it. I work with confidential information so it may be a little extra security for me.

There were two left – one was lighter and coarser with a minor scratch on one side. And that is the one I chose. I prefer coarser leather. And how I do love a flyleaf!

I have noticed more people are after the Gigliodoro models rather than the newer Gillio models. This will be my second Gigliodoro as I already have a green Amica with matt silver rings.

Review to follow once this beauty arrives!

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4 replies

  1. Ah right thanks 🙂 Can’t wait till I get mine. Once I have both VdS and Gillio in my collection I think I’ll be content (other than the Daines & Hathaway planner I accidentally bought on Ebay a few days ago) I won’t be buying any more 🙂


  2. I was tempted but resisted. I’ll probably regret it though 😉 They look gorgeous


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