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In summer I like to use The Body Shop Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask. If you have used Neutrogena’s 2 in 1 Face Wash and Mask, it is very similar. You can use it as a face wash and scrub, and rinse it off immediately, or you can use it as a scrub but then leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing. It does not harden. I don’t know about you but I love clay masks that harden. Unfortunately it is usually when they are hardening that my phone rings or I get an itch or desperately want to sneeze or my nose starts running so a mask that allows you to move your facial muscles is a big plus in my book!

This is almost a 4- in-1 Face Wash, Scrub, Mask and moisturiser! In summer when it is hot my skin always feels sweaty and grimy and gets much more oily. I often end up with spots if I use my normal beauty products, so I tend to switch to lighter versions of everything and use more scrubs and masks. This mask does not strip the natural oils from my skin – which always ends up making it even oilier. I have been using it since 1996 which is a long time. It is one of The Body Shop best sellers.

When I bought this mask last week the Body Shop had a 3 for 2 offer so I got two of the blue corn masks and one 3 in 1 Honey Mask which I have not yet tried. Will keep you posted once I have.

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    1. No I haven’t actually but I like Kiehls products very very much. And they are good with samples so maybe I can ask for one next time I am there.

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