Sorry about the lack of posts lately


Since I began this blog in March 2012, I have written an average of three posts a day. That is about 2 800 posts! I love writing and am endlessly curious so I have never lacked subject matter. I do my blog posts in my free time and schedule them to appear several times a day.

At the moment though, I am working on an 142 page translation which has a rather tight deadline so my lust for writing has been satisfied by that, and I have not much time to spare for the blog.

Fear not, however, because when things calm down I have plenty of posts on my ‘to do’ list. Some more Filofax reviews (I have four or five new binders which I will review), beauty product testimonials (I am trying out some new products at the moment) and a Filofax meet or two to report back on. I am going to be doing more regular ‘What’s in my bag’  and ‘Day in the life of my Filofax’ posts once things return to normal.

In addition, sales will continue with more items being added in the first week in August. More Filofaxes will go up for sale and handbags and jewellery will be added to the sales list.

I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is having a nice summer and if you are on holiday I hope it is fantastic!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I so do understand you, Janet! I also have a translation (361 pages) to finish for next Tuesday and then l’ll immediately start an other one (296 pages).
    Those ‘close to the deadline’ periods leave very little place for anything else as l feel the pressure rising. I don’t know if you feel the same but l tend to only focus on my translation the week before it is due and notjing else matters then. Unfortunately as it is my job to tranlate l am regularly subject to those stressful periods.

    Good luck for the translation, Janet!

    Looking forward to reading your new reviews!

    1. Thanks Natalie – I feel exactly the same as you. Even time taken to do my grocery shopping feels wrong. I just put my head down and do nothing else until it is finished!

      1. We have the same sort of occupations, Janet. I am a translator and interpret (for the European Court of Justice), a lecturer at University and a part time journalist.
        Translating is a demanding job especially if we want to meet the deadlines and we need to be well organized. Hence our second passion in common: beautiful planners! My favourites of all times are the Mulberry and the vintage Filofax binders. I’ve tried many other brands but nothing compares to a classy Mulberry 😊

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