Wonderful Weight Loss Graph for your Filofax, computer or diet diary

weight chart Losing the baby weight[7]-2

File: Losing the Baby Weight-2

Online weight loss graph: here (this is lovely!)

This wonderful spreadsheet and the photograph above showing you how to use it is from Judi Fox’s blog – she has kindly made this spreadsheet available for download. Thank you Judi!

When you have downloaded it you just put the date you want to start in the top left cell (highlighted in yellow). Ditto with your starting weight. And then it updates all the other information for you.

You can then print it out and circle your weight each day, forming a weight loss record and graph in one!

Author: Janet Carr

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    1. Julie it is wonderful – as I said in the article, thank you so much for making this available to others. Never seen a nicer graph and chart!

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