Michael Kors Jet Set Laptop Tote in Raspberry

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I am rather strange when it comes to clothes and accessories. If I see something I like once, I am interested, twice and I am curious. But thrice and I get bored. When something is ubiquitous I lose interest totally.

Sweden is a strange country, trend wise. Swedes are very cool and minimal and famous for their design. They wear mainly simple minimal designs in neutral colours. They are brilliant at jeans (Nudie, Acne, Cheap Monday) and Swedish companies abound in the international arena. BUT — when a trend hits in Sweden, EVERYONE wears it. I was told this when I came to Sweden but I didn’t quite understand it until I saw it happen before my eyes.

And this is an example of that. It is a brilliantly designed bag. And, for a designer’s diffusion line, not pricey. I love Michael Kors’ main line – in fact it features predominantly in my look book because it combines clean lines and bling. But as soon as I saw everyone was carrying one I didn’t want one.

But….yesterday I found this one mistakenly labelled 50% off in a sale. It is the newer Raspberry colour but was on sale as a Fuchsia (last season’s version). So I pounced.

As a bag, it is very well designed. Can fit over a shoulder, holds A4, and is made of hardy leather – less prone to scuffing due to the saffiano leather. And for me, the gold hardware is s huge plus!

What do you think?

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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