Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht Boerboels at 12 months


Middelpos Zoro x Pancer Tabitha
A hips and 0/0 ellbows

I fell in love with Wolf when he was fifteen weeks old. I had never ever seen a Boerboel with such big feet and heavy bone structure. Even at that age there was something really special about him. I have written about him many times – see my other posts here

As he has grown up he has really grown into all that promise he showed so young. He is big, but in proportion, and has beautiful lines and colouring. He is not overly big either – as many Boerboels are these days. Miriam Koopen has a fantastic dog in her ‘stable’ with this beautiful boy.

I grew up with docked tails in South Africa so it is often strange to see Boerboels with long tails, even though I am against tail-docking. Wolf though, has the most perfect tail I have ever seen. It is gorgeous!

Here he is at just under four months. Look at that smile! And those feet!


And here he is at one year. Words are unnecessary to describe this gorgeous creature. Find contact details for Blygedacht in the link above. Miriam is a very special person and has met all the great Boerboels in South African history – greats such as the legendary Avalonia Waldor (my favorite Boerboel ever. What a dog!), Nostros Tyson, Cabaret Kleinbuks, Cabaret Straatkat, and Ysterberg Troffel. She loves dogs and you can always see that they love her.

The last I heard, Wolf will be at appraisal in the Netherlands on the 4th May 2014. For more details, contact Miriam at the website above.

So, here is Crazy Wolf at 1 year:














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  1. What a handsome guy. I love big dogs but because of 4 hip replacements had to down size. Used to have male Samoyeds. Great dogs. Not as big as this guy will be. But he is a beauty!

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