Ordning och Reda organisers and stationery


Ordning och Reda is one of my favourite stationery brands. I have notebooks, organisers, inserts, pens, keyrings and handbags from them. They are good quality and the price is not too high. I live near their outlet so I usually buy previous season stock at really low prices.

Lately though their shops have been closing down one by one and their selection has been shrinking, which is really sad.

So this is for anyone who likes or uses their products – take this chance to stock up or decide now if you would like to use their products because within a year or so things will mostly be unavailable.

Ordning och Reda organisers use the Swedish system so do not fit Filofax paper – not because of the size but because of the ring spacing.

In the photograph above I have my tan leather A5 notebook and pencil case, my tassel keyring, my gold A5 pouch, and my black credit card holder.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. i am sneha patil from india. looking to start with a fashion stationery brand. can you please suggest me some wholesalers and manufactures with whom i can customise my products or buy their?
    my email id is sneha.patil2209@yahoo.com
    thanks in advance

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