What’s in my Bag today: Cognac Campomaggi

photo 5-4

I am using one of my Campomaggi bags, and inside it is:

  • Fulton mini umbrella
  • iPhone
  • Harrods Makeup Bag
  • iPad mini
  • Frixion slim and Filofax pens
  • Stimorol gum
  • Vasuma glasses
  • Plastic Tissue holder
  • Pedometer
  • Torch
  • Security card for work
  • Minobossi organiser
  • Ordning och Reda plastic folder to keep papers together
  • Limited edition travel card from the Royal Wedding three years ago
  • Sennheiser earphones
  • Leather gloves (when these go out of my bag, my Rayban sunglasses go in)

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7 replies

  1. Definitely a great review, Janet! Your bag collection is gorgeous. Just thought, your IKEA cubbies would be great for shoes, books or anything for that matter! I desperately need storage. This house is what they call a Cape Code style (not 100% accurate to the style but mostly). It is considered a one and a half storey with the upstairs being in part of the roof. Gives you dormers and oddly slanted walls but very pretty.


    • I use my cubbies for everything – shoes, magazines, CDs – and you can put drawers and doors on them or some of them if you want. I have three of them in the bedroom and have four drawers, one glass door and one plain door.


  2. Great review Janet! You should do a what’s in my bag more often. I love your bags and their contents!!!!


    • Thank you! I have been thinking of doing that so maybe this is the spur I needed!


      • Yes pleaaaase Janet! You are such a source of inspiration for lots of people. Please consider doing that sort of review regularly (and why not including a what’s in my make-up bag today?)
        Thank you for enchanting us! xx


  3. Love seeing your beautiful bags and what is in them 🙂


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