Grace Scurrs are like buses

—— I hunted for a Grace Scurr 75th Anniversary Filofax for years then suddenly, FOUR appeared one after the other. Two of my blog readers bought this one and also the one on, and I bought these two, both for very good prices.

If you are looking out for anything, please feel free to always let me know what it is you are keen on and I will keep you posted if something comes up. I also post in the Facebook groups for the attention of people I know are keen on certain models.

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photo 4-2

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Oh wow! Well done, that woman! If you should ever see a teal or pink Baroque (either personal or pocket) in your travels, I’d be very glad to hear about it … Thank you!

  2. Hi Janet,

    I acquired one via at the end of last year – I think this could be the 5th of it. It is no. 109 out of 1,921. It is in good, used condition. As you did, I alway wanted to own a duplex and owning one now, that is why I am currently about to switch from my A5 back to personal size again…

      1. Yes, this binder is the reason for me switching back to personal…. I hope I will find an unused one to keep in my cupboard, some time…

  3. So is that 3 you have now??! My mind is boggling! LOL! Will you be thinking of using one of them? I remember you saying you meant to use your first one originally but then couldn’t – and I don’t blame you. They’re really collectors’ editions. A nice investment and someday they’ll be real antiques. 🙂

    1. No I have two 🙂 I knew two of my blog readers were looking for them so I let them know about the other two and they bought them.

      My plan is to keep one unused and to use one. I have ALWAYS wanted a duplex so this is my chance! I have the 75th and the 85th special editions so I want to keep one of each in new condition in case I get my hands on a 100th edition in 2021!

      1. Thanks Janet, I was obviously a bit confuzzled there. I can well understand keeping one of each ‘as new’ and this way you get to use a beautiful duplex. And just like Grace Scurr’s original. I’m rather excited on your behalf! 😀

  4. Very keen to find an A5 brown Amazona or Belmont with the back pocket. Can’t find one anywhere, would appreciate any help I can get. Looking on philofaxy, ebay uk and .de. Kindest regards. X

      1. I will keep you in mind if I see one. They tend to pop up in batches for some reason. Have seen three or so in recent months. KentfromOz found one here in Sweden which went for a brilliant price. Will keep my eyes open for you!

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