Green Lizard Filofax in personal size

First a video by Chrissie of her three exotics – the Buttercup Ostrich, the Red Lizard and the Green Lizard. Aren’t they gorgeous!

I have Buttercup Ostrich, Red Lizard……and now that green Lizard will be mine too *evil cackle* – Chrissie knew that I was dying for one, particularly now that the exotics have all been discontinued so it is soon going to be in my sweaty grasp. It is called Kaa, which has a nice story about it (see above) and sounds like my last name.

I lost out on an auction for a vintage green lizard the same age as my red one (which is about 20 years old) recently, but this one is even nicer as, being new, it has the same pocket constellation as the Buttercup Ostrich, which is addictive.

Some more of Chrissie’s gorgeous pics below. Isn’t it gorgeous!!!!



A side note to Chrissie’s video is that the Ostrich Buttercup is an addictive binder. As much as you think ‘now’s the time for a change’ it is extremely difficult to move out of. It is just such a perfect binder. Well worth the high price as it is real ostrich leather and so well made and designed. If you have the funds and access to one – get it. You won’t be sorry!

Thank you Chrissie!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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