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I don’t usually feature eBay sales as the links expire pretty quickly but for this one I am going to make an exception. This Midori style notebook cover looks gorgeous and the charm is lovely. The price includes four booklets (3 fitted and one spare), a copper pen holder, pen, a charm and a bookmark – for £20 and very cheap or free shipping worldwide.

I have spoken to the seller who is very friendly and quick to answer messages. Friends of mine who have bought from him say his products are incredible value for money,  extremely good quality and the service is excellent. Apparently the leather is even better than the real thing.  I will be buying one soon and will review the product when I get it.

The price is very reasonable, seller feedback is 100% (with very good feedback for this item), shipping costs only $2 with tracking, and the description is:

Size: 5.1 X 3.9″ / 13cm*10cm

Material: Genuine crazy horse leather cover

Totally 3 inner booklets, you can choose from:

 white lined, craft pages and blank white, 30 sheets each, 80-100g paper

Package content:

Genuine leather cover note book with 3 inner booklets X 1

Classy Fountain Pen X 1

Copper pen holder X 1

Plastic inner pocket X 1

Spare inner booklet for replacement X 1

(choose from the 3 types of booklet)

Handmade leather bookmark X 1

Other decorative accessories

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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I purchased one of these after seeing your post about them. I bought a standard size. I absolutely love it!! Great quality ! The seller was very friendly and responsive. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. What a nice cover! Do the standard passport size refills fit the cover? I mean does the size refer to the inserts or to the actual cover? If the cover then the inserts would probably be smaller?! What is the leather quality like?

    1. I don’t have one of these myself but I have spoken to the seller who is lovely. He does different sizes so you can ask for whatever sizes you want. The leather quality looks good but hard to see from a photograph. Though when you look at what you get with it, it is a fantastic deal anyway.

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