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I really love the Journal Shop – their shipping is so fast and efficient – and FREE! I live in Stockholm, Sweden and their items take about three days door to door. No collecting at the post office either – they are brought by courier to my door. Plus they always answer their emails quickly and have in the past changed orders for me before they have been sent out and also notified me very quickly if something was out of stock.

I am the kind of customer who walks when service and communication is not good – it makes such a different to be heard as a customer so I really want to thank the Journal Shop for this.

I am now using a dated 2014 Week on Two Pages calendar (I got the last one) which comes with nice Midori stickers. It is in two booklets so your Midori does not have to be unnecessarily fat if you don’t have the need for both. I use this one for my bookings in combination with Ray Blake’s undated landscape planner which I use for daily tasks.

photo 4-1

photo 1-1

photo 3-1

My schedule looks like the page below so hope this baby can stand up to the strain.


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  1. Ok this is the next shop I’m spending my whole monthly income on 😀


  2. The Journal Shop are brilliant 🙂


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