HOTD #32 – Brown Furla Tote


Furla is another nice mid-level brand with fantastic leather and lifelong durability. I don’t know the name of this one as I bought it at a sample sale for about £40.

It is a beautiful big bag with three compartments inside, separated by a central zipped section. I carry books and papers on each side and my handbag stuff in the middle. The tote is very plain which means that the gorgeous leather can speak for itself. Front and back look the same. The only logo (apart from the lining) is a small ‘Furla’ written on the bottom front of the bag in small discreet letters.

It is a big bag and the leather is superb. The handles fit shoulder arm and hand. The colour looks different between the several photos but the light causes shift in tone.

People often ask me what products I I use to treat and care for my leather goods. The answer is – none. I am not sure why because when I use them I use them with gusto, but my leather items always look nice and glossy and plump – very well cared for. Perhaps they know they are loved 😉

photo-3 photo

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Another absolutely gorgeous bag! We appear to have the same taste in bags! Don’t ever sell your Furla or your Luella! You would definitely regret it. I have mixed feelings on spraying, conditioning bags. Maybe it has something to do with weather and humidity levels. I hate a good bag getting wet in the rain or snow and usually switch to something that can take it better. On a 1-10, I will give the Furla a 14.5! Bags and Boots – shoes seem to be tapering off – I really don’t need any more!

  2. What a lovely bag! I really only like big bags so my eyes lit up when I saw this one. It looks very similar to a Dooney, especially with the pebbled leather. Gorgeous!

    1. It is lovely! I almost sold it once but it looked so beautiful on the shelf of the secondhand shop that I had to take it back. We had a bit of a tug of war in the shop!

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