What’s in my Filofax today

Yesterday I switched from my grey A5 Malden to my Cinnamon A5 Siena. The Siena has 25mm rings as against the Malden’s 30mm rings but everything fitted in really well.

I like the Siena in Cinnamon because it is a gorgeous colour and is very very soft and smooth. I also adore the gold rings – I am not a silver person at all.

In my Siena I have

  • 3 Today Rulers (as page markers for my calendar, my notes and my general sections instead of dividers)
  • 3 x 3 months of WOTP diary pages. 1 for my bookings, 1 for notes relating to each booking and 1 spare.
  • 25 pages of lined notepaper in white
  • 1 notepad in external slot
  • 1 usb drive in front slot
  • 1 pen in front loop
  • 2 world maps
  • 2 clear card sheets holding client business cards, membership cards and stamps
  • 1 zippered plastic pocket
  • 10 clear plastic pockets holding invoices, bills to pay, articles for translation and discussion, lesson ideas. These are the heart of my Filofax
  • 1 paper punch/ruler
  • printed pages punched and folded – attendance registers, assignment briefings, invoice and contact details.
Burde A5 Business Refills. I like the timeslots in boxes as it controls my scribbles.

Burde A5 Business Refills. I like the timeslots in boxes as it controls my scribbles.

Full but not overfull

Full but not overfull

A5 Siena in Cinnamon. My usb stick goes in the front pocket together with receipts.

A5 Siena in Cinnamon. My usb stick goes in the front pocket together with receipts.



This last pic is purposely fuzzy as a lot of my work is confidential but you can see how I use my plastic sleeves for my work.

To the left

  • the green paper is part of the Swedish Parliament tour I teach which remains to be translated from Swedish into English.
  • behind the green sheet are three articles – one to be translated, one to be summarised and one to be debated.

To the right

  • an assignment briefing for one of my clients. These papers are confidential so I whacked something on top of it. The briefings contain contact details, invoice details, attendance registers and course details for each of my clients (I have about 30 of these on the go at any one time).
  • the horoscope is for one of my students who is very interested in them – we usually take the first or last five minutes of a class to discuss this – either as a warm up or a cool down.

My Filofax is always with me. For obvious reasons it is never out of my sight or my hands. If I have loose papers I mislay them or forget them at home. This way things weigh the same overall but are all safe.

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7 replies

  1. I love the layout of those Burde business refills – that’s great 🙂


  2. Seriously? I have never seen Filofaxes on sale there! O_O;


    • Wow! They have the best Filofax sales ever! Even out of season. Most of my collection comes from NK sales :)!


      • … we have to go there together when they have the next sale then! I mean: I must miss them every time despite visiting NK several times per week.

        … I see now that the FB message wasn’t sent. Darn android. *boots up comp*


      • I will give you a heads-up before the next one. They have them summer and winter so the next one will be December! I will bring you along!


  3. I have to say that this is GORGEOUS! I’m irritated with myself that I didn’t buy one when they were available! Then again, I was pretty poor then. Still am, I suppose. Haha!


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