Zendori A5 in Natural Beige

I generally use A5 exercise books for various things – long lists, journalling, cutting out and pasting in things I would like to buy, story ideas (I write on fanfiction.net).

To keep them together I put them in these Snopake envelopes, which I have in three different sizes. These plastic envelopes are cheap, really hardy and fit A5 perfectly. They do, however, have very sharp corners which tend to cut into things.
I have always loved Zenok Leather on Etsy but I already have a Midori passport size, a full size, and a Raydori so always just lusted from afar.

Today I saw that he did indeed make A5 notebooks and in gorgeous natural beige leather. So have ordered one to use instead of my Snopake envelopes. I absolutely cannot wait. I have seen so many of his Zendoris and I love them.

The photographs below belong to  Zenok Leather on Etsy. To buy the item featured below click here
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