A5 Brown Belmont on its way to me!


I have always loved my brown Belmont. It is, in my opinion, one of the best quality binders Filofax have made in recent times. I donated one of my personal sized ones to Laurie for The Comparison Project, and she loved it so much she bought an A5. I have been looking for an A5 for ages but nothing ever comes up on my saved eBay searches. However, last week two members of one of the Filofax groups sent me a link to one for sale in the Netherlands. The seller ignored my messages and I found out that often sellers ignore requests from other countries. So I found a lovely person in the Netherlands who would buy it for me – and she did! It will be with me soon. I am so pleased.

Here is my personal sized one. And below are some photos of the one that will be winging its way to me soon!

$_85-2 $_85-4 $_85-3 $_85-1


Author: Janet Carr

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