Things Filofax on Etsy

Well, not refills today but Filofax compatible binders

There is this one which looks like an old-fashioned book. It comes in a gorgeous box as well. For more details, click here

il_570xN.519707425_en6n il_570xN.519707389_58bz il_570xN.519707431_sb9w il_570xN.519707401_enlb il_570xN.519707415_p8y9

Then there are these three which are from my favourite Etsy seller, Kikosattic. I interviewed Akiko from Kikosattic here

il_570xN-1.522906025_8v5h il_570xN.522903697_hhwg il_570xN.524745297_j9if il_570xN.522903541_jelx il_570xN.524628086_k1vk

il_570xN.524755049_3e6n il_570xN.524749301_eru1 il_570xN.524753489_i9m4 il_570xN.524750749_f9gp il_570xN.524753059_guo4

il_570xN.433648815_ju3h il_570xN.434393305_lqds il_570xN.480243427_rljd il_570xN.434412219_cpis il_570xN.480214874_81cc

And a vintage A5 Mulberry here.

il_570xN.315807430 il_570xN.315682113

Here is a nice sparky green one.

il_570xN.529603091_e8p9 il_570xN.529603065_7w47 il_570xN.529603073_j39g

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  1. Lovely article!Thank you so much for including our green daily planner!


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