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Nick Selway and CJ Kale  chase the lava as it flows from Kilauea through Kalapana, Hawaii, spend their days camped on the edge of active volcanoes to capture the incredible images. Using a simple protective casing around their cameras, and wearing just swimming shorts and flippers, they bob up and down with the water as the surf washes over their heads

Mr Kale, from Hawaii, said: ‘We shoot pictures all over the world but our volcano images are shot here on the island because it’s so spectacular.

‘Our days are spent on the edge of volcanoes, either leaving at midnight to get out before the light of the rising sun or hiking in the day and then staying overnight.

‘We use surf-housing which is a protective case so we can venture into the water with our cameras, as the heat and water would be too much for them.

‘It’s 110F where we were and just 20ft in front of us it was boiling.

‘We have a lot of fun but it’s extremely dangerous and I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying it for themselves.

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