Post No. 4 for The Spiritual Project

Heather is back today with her fourth post for The Spiritual Project!

As we all know, life just gets in the way of perfectly good plans sometimes.  LOL.  I am no longer in RCIA to complete my Catholic sacraments.  Neither is my daughter.  We had some major life stuff happen and it is no longer a path we are taking.  My daughter may continue in the future, she is not sure.  She said it is just not something she can focus on right now. Which I understand.  

Now I am on a different faith journey.  I have a friend who I encountered during the life blunders that are happening.  He was a great inspiration.  I believe God placed him in my life at this time to lead my down the path I was supposed to go.  I had always struggled with numerous aspects of the Catholic faith.  But I thought if I just completed my sacraments, I would look past those struggles.  But that is not the case.  I need to stand strong in my beliefs. And those beliefs don’t necessarily coincide with the Catholic faith.  So a new journey is here.  

I find that I need faith now more than I ever have in my life.  And my friend has started me on a path that I know is the right one for me.  I am finding my faith more and more every day.  I am slowly feeling my spirituality and faith becoming more solid.  

At the recommendation of my friend, I went out and bought myself a Life Application Bible.  I plan on finding a spiritual home near me soon.  Church shopping, I guess.  LOL.  I am excited to be on this journey.  I feel more strongly about my faith now than ever before.  I thank God for bringing the right people into my life.

So I don’t have any pictures of my Filofax this time because I have to reconfigure it.  I am still using my Filofax for my spiritual journey, just have to make it compatible for my new journey.  Stay tuned for my next post for pictures showing my new pages, calendar, sections.  I am very excited.

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