Post No. 2 for The Teaching Project

Joseph is back today with his second post for The Teaching Project!

Post Two:  Receiving the Green Envelope

The Green Package
When Janet made a post concerning mailing out the Filofax planners to their new owners, I knew to expect a large green package in the mail.  I was unsure how long it would take for a package to ship from the big European capitol of Stockholm to a small city in Kentucky, so I did not know if I was in for a long wait or a short one.  Being envious for an A5 grey Malden for quite some time, my waiting was equivalent to a child counting down the last twelve days of Christmas; therefore, each day brought more and more expectancy.  Since I was expecting the green package to be delivered to my classroom, I also passed on my excitement to my instructional assistant and the lady who runs our mail room; I think they were as excited to receive the package as I was.    The day finally arrived when the mail room accepted the green package from the courier and marched it with great fanfare and aplomb down the hallway to my room.  Even my students were excited, for they knew the significance of the delivery of the green package.  I ripped into the green package with much gusto, similar to Poor Bear tearing into a pot of honey, and the mail room lady, my instructional assistant, 27 students, and I beheld the glory that is the Grey Malden!

Post Three:  Teaching Binder Setup

Grey Malden

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