85th Anniversary Limited Edition Eton Filofax and Wallet


I won this on eBay yesterday. It is a boxed and numbered Eton Personal Filofax and Wallet issued in 2006 to celebrate Filofax’s 85th anniversary. It was described thus:

Filofax 85th anniversary limited edition: box containing a numbered personal organiser ETON and billfold wallet. This is number 197 of 200. Both items are made of Deluxe Lambskin Leather and in 100% perfect condition.

Organiser contains:
– Original 2007 week on 2 pages diary
– Cream TO DO pages
– Cream lined pages
– Cream blanc pages
– Cream addres pages
– Black ruler
– world map
– map London underground
– 3 maps of London
– 6-tabs index (diary, notes, projects, information, financial, addresses)
– 26-tabs index A-Z

I can’t wait to get it and do a reveal. I will be honest and say that I am not overly fond of the 85 imprinted on the binder and the wallet, but the Eton is a really gorgeous Filofax with luxurious leather, and this will be a nice companion piece to my 75th Anniversary Grace Scurr, which has always been my Holy Grail, and my Eton Slimline.

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With both of these binders (the 75th and 85th Anniversary editions) I will probably use them. Yes they could be considered collector’s items (particularly the Scurr) and too precious to use. But I believe if you have something special, you should use and enjoy it.

My mother died way too soon. She was born in 1930, and having grown up during wartime, she used to wear clothes until they wore out, never treat herself to nice things, and whatever pretty things you gave her she would say they were too nice to use, and put them away. When I went through all her things I found all the beautiful things she was ‘saving for best’. All unused and unworn. Since then I have used my special things every chance I get. It makes every day a ‘best’ day. I take care of my things and treat them with respect but I don’t handle them with kid gloves. They are treated the way I live my life – with gusto.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. My mum was very similar, keeping gifts and special things “for best” squirrelled away in a drawer and I am like you, I like to use things. However, my mum got great pleasure from having the things and being able to go and look at them to cheer herself up, so please don’t feel sad or think that somehow things were wasted because they were not used. They gave just as much pleasure, just in a different way.

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