Post No. 3 for The Spiritual Project

Heather is here today with her third post for The Spiritual Project. Hi, Heather!

I am so bummed that I have missed my past three RCIA classes.  Then my daughter had a sleepover and missed her RCIA and youth group yesterday. This school year is proving to be quite busy socially and academically for the kids.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.  I have had sick kids, sick husband, and me on the verge of sick.  The work days have been running longer on occasion and always the little bit of drama at my job to add it to.

On to my Filofax Spiritual Project.  My Filofax Pocket Chino has been safely secure in her church bag for about 3 weeks now due to missing my classes.  But I did do some work on her  The day per page I originally designed didn’t work for me.  So I decided to do a week on two pages.  I also bought a daily devotional book that I had seen a fellow Filofaxer post.

Here is my newly designed week on two pages calendar.

The week on two pages works much better.  I like it.  I have lined paper in another section of my Filofax for other notes.

Here is a shot of some very cute sticky animal flags I will be using in this Filofax and other church books.  I received these as a RAK.  I love them….too cute.

As you can see the Pocket Chino is holding up very well.  It hasn’t traveled much since I have missed a few classes, but it still gets lots of use at home.

And last but not least is the prayer book I bought.  It will be very useful to me to get me in the right frame of mind in the mornings to set the tone for my day.

That is the update for now.  Next time I will show you my pages for my prayers and notes.

God Bless

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