Successfully using two Gillio Mia Caras to run my life


The A5 is used for

  • my schedule – vertical WOTP which has up to 7 meetings a day in different places and up to 10 new meetings booked each day for the coming three months.
  • client details – invoicing details, addresses, needs analyses, attendance registers, curriculum, course notes
  • general to do lists on lined notepaper – divided into categories (work, personal, blog, long-term)
  • specific to do lists on horizontal WOTP
  • interesting articles and cuttings
  • pens, highlighters, rulers, post-its, usb sticks, business cards
  • in the back full-length pocket – bills to pay, things I am translating, lesson plans, lesson material

The pocket is used for

  • holding credit cards, coins, banknotes
  • vouchers, coupons, discount codes, receipts, guarantees
  • holding loyalty cards, scorecards, medical cards, id cards, driver’s licence
  • Frixion pen, rulers, post-its, spare house key
  • WOTP vertical with a basic version of my schedule
  • lined notepaper for shopping lists

There is no getting around the fact that an A5 is a large beast, and when full is heavy. An A5 Mia Cara is, due to the size and amount of leather, very heavy. So you have to choose between portability and the amount of stuff you want to carry around in your Filofax. I choose to carry the weight. In my job I carry all the papers anyway so I choose to have them all together in a mobile office so that I just have to think about one thing to take with me. As long as I have it with me I have everything I need. To make that choice I have had to sacrifice having a very light handbag to carry.

You can see the slight darkening and patina developing on the A5, which has been used five months longer than the Pocket
The clear plastic with daisies on it is from a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume ad. I use it as my dashboard with sticky notes and scribbles on it (I use whiteboard marker when it is on my desk, add things to my proper notes and then erase)
Attendance registers for two of my classes. In the background you can see business cards for various etsy shops in the card slots. I also write notes on the credit card sample cards you get with the binder
My wallet with my hairdresser loyalty card (10th visit is free!) and credit and ID cards to the right.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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