Post No. 2 for The Lifestyle Project

Hello lovelies! Caroline is back today with her second post for The Lifestyle Project. You can read her first post HERE.

Hi everyone!
This week, I was going to go through my calendar section in detail, but I’m having a small spot of Planner Fail right now and consequently, it is a mess! If it isn’t sorted by next week I will be asking for advice from all you lovely readers!
So instead I am going to show you my Index section. I apologise for the quality of the pictures, I’ve been having a few ‘bad ME days’ this week.
As I explained briefly in my last post, I am using the standard Filofax A-Z tabs in this section to organise bits of information I have stored in other places, if that makes sense. I am also using them to store essential bits of information I use regularly to save me having to get out my giant folder or search through my internet bookmarks or books.
For example, Under AB, I have a sheet that I intend to use to keep a list of my affirmations. You can see I didn’t have enough A’s :/ And no, I don’t know why the hand drawn A looks like the Anarchy symbol. Oh well!
In this section I also have some information about beliefs that I have drawn from a few different sources. Behind that sheet I have a list of my beliefs, which I am not going to show for obvious reasons! I also have a list of questions to ask yourself to work on those beliefs that may be self-limiting or no longer serving you. Then I have a sheet which tells me which pages of my Specific Journal I can find my writing about beliefs, and other resources I can go to for more information.
The sheets don’t have a great deal on them right now, but I can see how useful this will be in a few months when I have read a lot more books and filled many journals!
What I am really intending with this section is to ease the stress I put upon myself when I am having a bad day and am not sure what to do about it. I want it to be easy to pinpoint a specific symptom and find some way of helping myself to feel better. So for example, under S, I have a list of Symptoms, and space to record which pages of my journal relate to that, and where I can find the resources to help alleviate that symptom. I also have the same set up under E for Emotions.
I also have a quick index under J of all my journal entries so far, and Y holds some information on Yoga poses.
I won’t go through every letter, but I expect you get the idea!
I hope this section will become an invaluable resource. I try to set aside 15 minutes everyday to make sure it’s updated. I thought about doing it weekly, but I am reading and journalling everyday, and I am trying to reduce stress here not become overwhelmed!
If anyone has any ideas about things I could add to my index or perhaps a simpler way of doing things I would love to hear from you!
See you next week, where I will probably still be in total Planner Fail and in need of your help!

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