How many Filofaxes do you have and what do you use them for?


This was a question asked in the Philofaxy Facebook Group recently.

So, how many Filofaxes do I have? Not sure I want to answer that but here goes anyway:

  1. A5 Cinnamon Siena
  2. A5 Cinnamon Siena
  3. A5 Grey Malden
  4. A5 Grey Malden
  5. Personal Brown Belmont
  6. Personal Brown Belmont
  7. Personal Aqua Mode
  8. Personal Aqua Mode
  9. Compact Violet Temperley
  10. Compact Violet Temperley
  11. A5 Bronze Snake Domino
  12. A5 Brown Kendal
  13. A5 Orange Finsbury
  14. A5 Black Metropol
  15. Personal Red Lizard
  16. Agenda Mulberry Oak Planner
  17. A5 Mia Cara Epoca Gold Gillio
  18. Mini Teal Baroque
  19. Pocket Amethyst Deco
  20. Personal Ebony Deco
  21. Personal Camel Savannah
  22. Slimline Black Eton
  23. A5 Pink Classic 
  24. A5 Brown Amazona
  25. A5 Aqua Malden

Eeek. How do I use them?

  1. Personal Camel Savannah or Slimline Black Eton are going to be gifts
  2. Pocket Amethyst Deco is going to be a gift
  3. Compact Violet Temperley is going to my stepdaughter
  4. Mini Teal Baroque is used when I travel
  5. Compact Violet Temperley is my wallet
  6. A5 Gillio is used as my office and ‘mothership’ – my papers go in the back flap and my bookings/invoicing details/directions/articles/work-related lists/lesson ideas go onto the rings.
  7. A5 Aqua Malden is going to hold my student notes and attendance registers when I have finished a course.
  8. A5 Bronze Domino Snake archives old pages which don’t go into the Malden
  9. A5 Pink Classic is my journal. I journal in the Gillio and then when the pages are full I will pop them over into the Classic
  10. Personal Red Lizard holds brief versions of #6  – for example appointments and addresses.
  11. Personal Aqua Mode x 2 – are going to be donated to people who can’t afford  a Filofax but would like to start using one.
  12. Personal Brown Belmont – holds all my usernames and passwords (and is kept in a very safe place!)

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello!
    It’s been months and I still can’t find a mini baroque anywhere! Just wondering if you’ve had any luck finding a personal size :p

  2. I’m torn between a pocket Malden and N A5 Calipso! I love A5 pages, but the portability of A5! I already have figured this out, how to combine them!

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