Personal Red Lizard Filofax

The ring mechanism of this Filofaxes is replaceable. The new set simply slides into the baseplate the same as Gillio ones do.



Together with my personal buttercup ostrich Filofax
Together with my personal Buttercup Ostrich Filofax

This filofax is supple, smooth and soft, but from previous experience I know that Lizard wears extremely well. It has gold rings – yay! Also lots of credit card slots and supersoft matching red lining. The deep discount was due to the missing pen loop but I don’t use my pen-loops anyway as I never remember to put the pen back after I use it. I wish more Filofaxes had protective flaps on either side of the rings – the only other ones with it that I have seen are the Ostrich and Alligator. All exotic skins used in Filofaxes are farmed rather than hunted.

NK in Stockholm began to sell off the exotics about 18 months ago – there is probably less demand for them at original prices. The Personal Ostrich was 14 000 SEK/£1404.00 so it was eyewateringly expensive. It is now 4000SEK/£401. Still too rich for most people’s blood I imagine. Also at present on deep discount (70% off) are:

  • Pocket Lizard in Red
  • Pocket Ostrich in Buttercup
  • Personal Ostrich in Black
  • Personal Savannah in Brown
  • Personal Identity in Blue
  • Slimline Black Eton

They used to have the alligator binders as well but they must all be sold now.

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The exotics do not have an f on the spine

Nice square spine shape
Nice square spine shape


I use vertical week on two pages for appointments and horizontal for to do lists.
I use vertical week on two pages for appointments and horizontal for to do lists.