Filofax A5 Time Management Inserts

These inserts are fantastic. Yet not available online. What a pity. They allow for brilliant planning and project management. The layout is lovely.

I got these at the Filofax shop in Conduit Street London – the 2013 ones were half price, and I got the 2014 ones as well.

I bemoaned the fact that they were not easy to find and the sales assistant told me they do mailorder on them. So if anyone wants them, contact:

The Filofax Centre at or (020) 7499 0457/8 (tel) or (020) 7499 3327 (fax)

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. HI There,

    The TM Professional is great, now how to get out of the habit of carrying a personal compact and having to sync.

    Has anyone heard of a holder, called the “pocket Companion”, intended as a way of taking just one month or maybe two of the TM Pro with you.

    a cheque book sized wallet or travel wallet will do the same thing, but I was told about this specific “pocket companion” and wondered if it exists.

    With thanks


  2. I use these inserts – 2 page per day. This package is great. Love it! I had to email Filofax UK to get them. Fortunately, I was ordering 2 binders a long with additional stuff so it was expensive to ship all of it to US. But worth it – ultimately.

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