Beautiful Boerboels

These beauties belong to my cousin Mandy Newman-Wakeham. She has a house full of Boerboels and often has lots of puppies as well. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? She also loves her furry family with her whole heart and if you were going to get a puppy, wouldn’t you want it to come from a home like that?

Below are some of Mandy’s dogs. The only one which is not hers is the puppy with the white feet in two of the photographs. For a complete index of all my Boerboel posts, click here269146_248808008469881_7702070_n 250399_232039636813385_7397190_n 249009_227290683954947_5139668_n 602420_561575147193164_567346378_n 466691_415697435114270_2133291653_o 74737_433227683361245_1593557773_n 248260_232096086807740_4916987_n 576361_535529843131028_1235357725_n 530695_585547454795933_1585357662_n 421804_373849572632390_897570591_n282758_490570647626948_1449955862_n 540514_490569840960362_1747323295_n

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