Poles, poles, polls

Well then…..

  • A Pole is someone who comes from Poland. In English, Polack is an offensive term.
  • Polevaulting is a sport where the person competing uses a long flexible pole to aid them in getting over a horizontal bar.
  • Poledancing used to be what strippers did but it is now a sport where one gets flexible around a pole
  • A fireman’s pole is the pole the metal or wooden poll that fire officers would slide down in the event of an alarm. It allowed them to get going much more quickly.
  • A polecat is a species of weasel
  • A straw poll is an informal poll
  • A tin poll is an informal poll
  • A Gallup poll is a formal poll but does not have to be undertaken by the Gallup group.
  • opinion polls can also be called surveys.
  • The Nielson ratings are used to determine audience demographics for television programmes

Author: Janet Carr

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