Update re Zen Travel Organiser

I have posted several times about my Zen Travel Organiser and have received several emails from people wanting to buy one. I contacted Brent Hollowell who has sent me the following reply

Hi Janet – I hope you are well. So sorry that this slipped through the cracks! I was on vacation when your note came over and I somehow missed it.
So, long story short, we are looking for a partner company that specializes in travel accessories to license the bag patent as it was always a pet project and part time job… but our full-time jobs have become too time-consuming to handle both. We’ve sold through all the inventory and won”t be placing more orders until we find a licensing partner. I apologize for any inconvenience that causes you on your blog. It was a lifestyle decision we made for sanity and family time!
Thanks again for all your support Janet – wish there was more I could do to help with your reader’s needs.
All the best – Brent
So, unfortunately there it is. If anyone is interested in licensing this patent or who has one they want to sell, could you please contact me? Also if I ever decide to sell mine I will post on here so that anyone who wants one can get first dibs!

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      1. Someone just gave one of these away on a local fb page- I wasn’t the lucky winner and I’m super bummed:(. These are really cool! Do you know if he found someone to help? I cannnot find them online so I assume no:(

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