RIP Dandaloo Mack

Dandaloo Mack - RIP boy
Dandaloo Mack – RIP boy

Mack is a giant of a dog and one of the most impressive Boerboels in the world today.  Despite Mack’s size, he moves lightly with a spring in his step although at times weighing up to 87kgs, this is an indication of his soundness, having 0:0 elbows and a hip score of 7.  The problem with dogs of Mack’s height 29/30 inches is that they lack width of chest and are usually narrow in the loin and hips because of their height.  This is not a problem for Mack as his chest, loin and hips are very broad and powerful.

We believe that Mack has the thickest bone in his forearms and hocks in the Boerboel world today.  Mack’s semen was collected for export back to Africa and also has been sent to Europe.

Mack was the most fertile dog ever collected anywhere in the world in the last 15 years by semen specialist, John Newell of, breaking the previous record by more than 4 breedings.  Mack has been used sparingly but is producing very sound and active dogs.

In 2005 Mack was ranked 22 in the Top 50 Boerboels in the world, only 3 other Australian dogs made it in the top 50. This a fantastic achievement for such a large dog.

Mack is a wonderful companion and guard dog.  He really is as they say “A gentle GIANT”.

We also own cattle on our 20 acre property. When going for a walk Mack will without hesitation, stand up to any of them if they bear threat to us.  Unlike the other dogs, he doesn’t bark at strange cars or people.  He will just sit back and watch what is going on as if taking it all in and being ready to take action if something was to happen.  We very rarely hear him bark, only if there are foxes or wild dogs in the paddocks.

Mack is wonderful with children, they can get in his kennel and sit with him or cuddle him and he just loves the attention and is extremely gentle with them.

Lovely description of him from Mack is now at the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Boy you will never be forgotten.

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Centre pic shows Mack at 7 weeks old
Centre pic shows Mack at 7 weeks old

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