If Filofax appointed me Overlord for a day

Number 8 - listen to Philofaxy!
Number 8 – listen to Philofaxy!

I would……

1. go through the Filofax archives and sites dedicated to vintage Filofaxes (especially the Vintage Filofax Users Group on Facebook. Colin is a legend!)  and create a new collection with a few favourites (or more than just a few) made just as they were in the good old days when they would last a lifetime. Perhaps a Winchester or two, or a Duplex or 3?

2. ask the good people at Philofaxy to put their heads together and design a ‘Heritage collection’ for us. Complete with wide range of inserts on good quality paper. I would not ignore the A5.

3. bring back the Baroque in all sizes with a wider range of colours. For example a purple A5 Baroque with gold embossing.

4. contact Mulberry and start a dialogue about a possible collaboration between Mulberry and Filofax.

5. make the person responsible for the IKAT and the Affair work in the mail room for a month. The person responsible for the Apex will have to work the telesales night shift until he promises not to do it again.

6. bring out more limited edition binders in the Metropol and Domino section – like the snake Domino but perhaps with cool artists or textile designers.

7. offer gold rings as an option on all popular binders. All rings must work properly. The person responsible for ring set suppliers will be personally pinched on the buttocks with every defective ring set. That will hopefully ensure they eventually get it right.

8. make it mandatory for all future PR staff to intern at Philofaxy for a month so that they can see what our users really want.

9. Any future designers wanting to work with Filofax will have to use the Filofax they design for 365 consecutive days. That should ensure the IKAT will never happen again. ‘Slipped the binder out and partied hard with the remaining glamorous clutch did you? No? I didn’t think so. NOW DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!’

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Let me please add a numer 10: personals with 30mm rings or a choice in ordering. Also more A5’s with 30mm rings!
    Hear hear for all your points!

  2. I especially like the proposed penalty for poor quality control for rings (#7) — Ouch! 😉 Thanks for a fantastic post!

  3. Loved this entire post … but especially the penalty for lack of quality control for rings (#7). Ouch! 🙂 Thank you for this clever post.

  4. Wow. Excellent! How many times…. ! ‘Never have understood why Mullbery (list no 4) hasn’t conformed to Filofax ring sizes…. Way more of us out here!

  5. This was really fun! I laugh so much… poor person that design the Apex… I think it should be even cheaper than the Domino in the regular price though

  6. So Cool! Nro. 5 made me laugh so hard… But poor person that design the Apex. I think it should be more like one of the low end one on Filofax and not so expensive in the normal price though

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