FOTD #3 – A5 Cinnamon Siena

photo-21This was one of my favorite Filofaxes for a while. Not sure why the love faded but perhaps it did not live up to my expectations of it.

I bought this one because I thought it was the closest Filofax would get to a Mulberry agenda – the quality leather designed to age quickly. And don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful Filofax but the quality did not live up to its promise. Scuffs just became scuffs rather than marks of beauty as they do on a Mulberry.

I took photos of this one over two days so you could see the shifting tones that may appear in changing light. It does not lay completely flat but almost. The exact colour is that which appears in the photo at the top of this post. The two of the filofax open show different shades because the light fell differently on it as I snapped.

It has 25mm rings (perhaps another reason I didn’t love it utterly forever because I like 30mm rings) in gold. I wish Filofax did more gold hardware.

I have two of this model – this is the least worn of the two. If anyone would like to see photos of the more worn-in model please pop a line in the comments and I can make a post on it.


photo-22 photo-21 photo-20 photo-23

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  1. I would love this. Please message me if willing to sell. I live in the US.

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  2. Is it stiff like the chameleon? (I tend to write on my lap 🙂


  3. The leather on this is beautiful!
    If you should ever fall enough out of love to sell it (or its sibling), please let me know 🙂
    I’m at gmail: stefnsnider, or on



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