Whataboutism really annoys me

I often experience it when people find out I support a cat shelter:

  • what about homeless children?
  • what about starvation in Africa?
  • what about wars?

and that I have rescue animals

  • why did you adopt your fosters? What about all the other cats you cannot foster now?

Sometimes I want to explode. Just because you support one cause does not mean you are against another.

A couple of years ago, Sweden had really awful forest fires. It was so bad that several European countries had to send fire-fighting helicopters and manpower to help put out the blaze.

People wanted to help so they were just dropping off clothes and various goods everywhere, making things more difficult instead of less. So a coordination centre was set up where people could drop off only those things that were needed. The firefighters were working constantly so they requested t-shirts, socks, Coca Cola, candy, and chips (crisps in the UK). The Whatabouts started immediately.

  • What about those of us without cars? We can’t get to xxx place to drop off
  • What about the firefighters’ teeth and health? Too much sugar! Give them fruit instead.
  • What about all the salt in the chips?

*rolls eyes*

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

3 thoughts

  1. That’s the internet! The comment section is where everyone voices the opinions that they previously either kept to themselves or only their family and friends had to hear. At least that is what I think. 😉 🙃

  2. I agree with you. Unfortunately, it’s raging all over the place over absolutely everything. You can’t do something without it being put into question and criticized, no matter how noble the cause.

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