This week’s handbag

This Nunoo open-top tote has been a great success. I bought it at a sample sale and it is the perfect size and shape for work. It is medium-sized rather than large, so I am unable to overstuff it. It is big enough to carry a jacket for autumn weather. It does fit my laptop and A4 pages but I try not to carry much these days. The leather is very lightweight but also durable.

Here I am using it with my H&M x Kenzo keyring

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It’s a truly gorgeous bag! And I love your charms!… My daughter (14!) started using a tablet for school along with all her friends. She uses an iPad with a pen (please don’t ask me which generation or model it is because I don’t know. But she does everything in her tablet. The tablets are configured for her school and her class but she still uses plenty of typical Apple apps, like Notability. I’m definitely an Android girl, but just for Notability, I would sell my soul to get an iPad. It looks very versatile and a tablet is so much lighter than a laptop. Maybe this could be something for you, to lighten the load?

    1. I used to have an iPad and a Macbook Pro, but when they both needed replacing at the same time during the pandemic I got the nicest Macbook Pro I could afford. I didn’t replace the iPad. I use my laptop for everything. Sadly, the iPads that would have full functionality for me right now are the pricey ones. Now that I am back in the field I regret that. My husband uses his iPad almost all the time. Maybe next time I have to upgrade I will go for the Macbook Air. Apple is really pricey, unfortunately but in journalism they were the industry standard. I have used PCs for quite a while too but they always had things going wrong with them. Apples just last and last. I also have an iPhone so the ecosystem works very well for me. I would love an iPad though, particularly for travelling.

      1. I see you are already familiar with Apple products!… I wish I could start using some too but as you said, the price is really high… But the fact that you can connect everything together is a godsend!… You can also connect devices with Android and in particular with Samsung but if you started with Apple, it would be hard to get used to something else. Getting an Macbook Air would probably be a good idea! They look so skinny!

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