Mixing metals

When I grew up, mixing metals was a no-no. But now I do it quite often. I love the look of stacked silver and gold bracelets or rings.

I absolutely adore my Seiko watch which is mixed metal. I am delighted to finally have a really good quality AND practical watch. It is perfect for both work and leisure, and I wear it every day.  It also ties together gold and silver metals when I mix them.

I do always prefer to wear the mixed metals close together. So rather than have a gold ring and silver necklace as above, I like gold and silver rings or bracelets stacked next to each other. Otherwise I still think it looks a bit odd.

I love wearing this Safira gold necklace with its silver charm. It was a 70% discount bargain. Safira also did a silver version with a gold charm. You can clip any charm you like onto this clasp.

I like wearing it with this Maria Black fishbowl charm. The charm also came in silver. Another 70% discount bargain. I could not afford it full price.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

2 thoughts

  1. I feel the same. Not wearing yellow gold and white gold (I don’t wear silver) together is a no no for me. I have a few pieces of jewellery that mix the two colours (Cartier, Mauboussin, Chopard) but if they don’t I stack them next to each other.
    The only jewels I don’t like mixing the colours are my earrings. I have three holes in each ear and I always wear either white or yellow gold.

  2. I’ve also always been taught to not mix both colours but it’s hard when you like both colours at the same time. I have worn a silver necklace and some gold rings but, as you said, it just didn’t look right. You are right to put the two closer together. Thank you again for this post!

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