Reading pile 28 August vs now

This was my reading pile from August 28th. The books on the right were to be read, and those on the left were already read.

This is my book pile today. I found more and have been steadily working my way through the pile. The book in the middle is a recent find, and contains three novels. That is on the go at the moment.

I have read all the Ballard/Bosch novels I can find, but have not started any that heavily feature Mickey Haller, The Lincoln Lawyer.

I want to thank everyone who suggested other authors and books. Those have gone onto my reading list and I will be working my way through that when I am finished with or tired of Connelly. I recently discovered a Swedish secondhand book site that has a some English novels so I will find as many as I can on there.

As an aside – does anyone else feel the need to wash your hands often if you are handling secondhand books? I think I may have developed my habit through my grandmother, but it could also be a natural thing. I never buy any old books that are sticky, dirty, or dusty but my hands still feel grubby after a read. It could also be memories of dealing with newsprint from fresh newspapers. Posh people used to have servants iron their newspapers to dry the ink before handling them.

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