Interesting micellar water applicator

I love Micellar water. My favourites are Garnier and Biotherm My favourite Micellar cleansing waters

Having been quite impressed by Lidl’s Cien cleansing milk recently, I decided to try out their micellar water for dry skin. It’s not bad actually. Like the cleanser, it is nothing earth-shaking but it gets the job done and costs just over $2.

What fascinated me most was the applicator. You place the cotton pad or ball over it and press down. The contents go straight into the pad – no spills, no drips. What a brilliant idea. I am sure there are other products that have it out there, but I have never seen anything like it. It is amazing!

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. A pump is great for nail polish remover. So brands use one. Or you could just recycle a micellar water bottle.

  2. Nuxe do them on their micellar water. I’m ambivalent about them as I find they squirt all around the room!

  3. I understood the idiom – “Bull in a chinas shop” and the homonym “kid in a candy store,” but I had to look up what Micellar Water is.

  4. Bioderma does a pump top like that, but they’re ALWAYS sold out (in the states). Zoya Remove nail polish remover comes in a pump top bottle as well & you can get lots of empty ones via beauty supplies. They’ve been used in nail salons for a *very* long time.

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