Weleda Skin Food

Weleda is not a glamorous brand. The advertising – what there is of it – is underwhelming, and the packaging is not very attractive. But there are some really no-nonsense hardworking products in the range, and they aren’t pricey. My favourite Weleda product of all time is their multi-purpose Skin Food, which has been around since 1926.

Weleda has recently expanded the Skin Food range to include cleansing balm, a lighter version of the Skin Food, a body butter, a lip butter, and day and night creams. I still use the original Skin Food on my hands, feet (particularly my heels), and also on my face when it is very dry out. It comes in 30ml and 75ml tubes, and usually costs me about $8 for 75ml.

The Skin Cream is rather reminiscent of Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, in that it is very thick and rich. It is way more user-friendly though, and you can use it on your face during the day with make-up if you don’t put on too much. I like putting a thick layer on my face in the evenings when my skin is dry.

When I stocked up on Skin Food today, there was a 25% discount on all Weleda products, so I bought a night cream as well. The night cream cost $15 and so far, I really like it. I don’t believe in anti-ageing products or miracle creams. All I want are moisturisers (body and face) that keep my skin feeling comfortable and moisturised.

I also used to love the Weleda Wild Rose Cleansing Lotion and matching toner, but they have discontinued it. I seem to remember that there was also a Rose shampoo and conditioner which I liked, but my memory may be playing tricks on me.



Author: Janet Carr

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