Snapshots of a Day

This large IKEA bag was at our local mall. You can see how enormous it is compared to the chairs beside it. A recent development for IKEA in Sweden has been opening smaller shops in shopping malls. These stores sell smaller items such as towels, cutlery, crockery and ornaments. Larger things can be ordered online in-store. The restaurants are also really popular.

I was not sure if this was true. Maybe next time I walk past I should test it? Maybe that’s the point!

When I took this photo I thought the ‘no dogs peeing or pooping here’ visual sign was clever, but I am always disgusted by how dirty streets get. People throw cigarette butts (even though it is against the law) and gum on the ground. They also spit (which I think is the most disgusting habit ever) and sometimes litter. Plus dogs pee everywhere. Sweden has moist stuff which is like little teabags and you see it spat out everywhere. I wonder how clean our streets would be if people could just behave themselves?

This was a rainbow display of Fjällräven Kånkens at a local store.

This spectacular photo stopped me in my tracks

Author: Janet Carr

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