Do you have pollen allergies?

When I grew up, hardly anyone had allergies. Well, maybe they did but they were not diagnosed as often?

I suffer from chronic sinusitis so I am no stranger to the annoying low-grade symptoms our bodies can inflict on us that make us feel tired, run-down and under the weather – runny eyes, runny nose, toothache, cheek ache, stomach ache, earache, and that awful sinus headache that makes you feel as though your forehead is going to explode.

But I have never had a pollen allergy – until recently. It made me so tired and I just did not feel well. Luckily I managed to find medication that helped. I learned today that there was a big pollen explosion recently, which is affecting people who normally aren’t allergic.

Look at this tree releasing pollen. It’s not surprising that it causes irritation when you see it all together like that. Normally it floats around and you don’t realise it’s there until things start to run and itch.

The photos above came from Matt’s Tree and Landscape Instagram page, where you can see the video

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I am so relieved to hear that!… I thought I had brand new problems with my allergies. I did a hyposensitization treatment and it worked wonders!… I’m glad to know that it’s just the season that’s more ferocious than usual and not me who’s weaker than usual…

    1. I was also wondering why it was hitting me this season when I normally don’t feel it. But several of my clients are saying it’s worse than normal. Looking at the photos and video and seeing how much pollen comes from one tree just makes you realise what must be floating around invisibly in the air during an average pollen season.

  2. I’ve been wearing a mask when I go outside to try and get my allergies under control. This has been the worst allergy season that I have ever had. I feel for you with the chronic sinusitis. I have that, too.

    1. Does the mask help? I have also heard that it is particularly bad this year. Even I am feeling it and I normally don’t. I cannot believe how tired it makes me. And how everything itches!

  3. Sorry you suffer from sinusitis, it can be really debilitating. I used to suffer from awful sinusitis, I had an operation and I am glad it is no longer a problem.
    I was told a few decades ago that the worse pollution gets the more that people suffer from allergies. Eating local honey has been suggested to help with hayfever.
    The tree releasing pollen in the photo makes me think that nature is so desperate to survive and overcome what humanity is doing to the world that their pollen production has become more urgent, just my thought.

    1. You really gave me food for thought with this comment. I also think that in a way we are too clean – too many chemicals and detergents, too much processed food and messing with the environment etc could prevent our immune systems from developing the way they should.

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