Magneto lights and torches

I always used to carry a small torch on my keyring to to help me guide my key into the door lock in the dark, or light up menus in dark restaurants (yes I am one of those people!). Phones have torches now (though not very strong ones), which I use for that instead.

I really like strong torches though. I find they help me to find things (earring backs, needles, pills) if they drop on a dark/patterned surface or I can’t spot them. I sometimes get splinters in my fingers or cat hairs in my feet (they can be as sharp as needles!) Torches are also great to use as a backlight if you want to see how much product is left in an opaque bottle, but you need a bright one.

My favourite torch is the small Magneto light above that I bought in South Africa to cope with loadshedding (scheduled power-cuts for up to 14 hours a day), but I use it as a power bank and to find things at least three times a week. I wish I had bought two more – one to keep in our cellar (to look easily in boxes), and in our motorbike. It has three intensity settings, can be used to charge your phone and is rechargeable either via solar power or electricity.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. You can find similar ones on Amazon for €39.99 for two or €19.99 for one. The brand is Meikee. I have got two which I use when we go trekking or sailing.

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