Bird nests

I love watching weaver birds making nests. They are so beautifully made and robust enough to withstand high winds and torrential rain.

Eastern Cape, South Africa. Photo by G. Bayliss

There are over a hundred species of weaver birds, mostly in Africa & Asia, most of which build intricately woven nests. Home-building is done exclusively by males hoping to attract a female. The nest begins with a single strand, knotted to a branch with beak and claw. After that, the technique is just like any other weaving pattern-the strands are threaded through others at opposing angles. When the nest is complete, the male will announce an open house by fluttering his wings. He invites a female home and hopes she approves. If she does, there will be eggs in the nest within days. If she doesn’t, the nest is usually abandoned. A male will often make multiple nests over the course of the mating season. According to the BBC, most weaver males never become parents. (source)


Meanwhile, pigeons…


I would like to think I am a weaver bird, but I fear I may be more of a pigeon…

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