Another example of the circular economy

This one actually surprised me. I have previously asked my optometrist if I could reuse my favourite (discontinued) frames when upgrading my lenses. They told me that it was impossible because frames suffer wear during years of use and that they would not last another couple of years. Maybe that was a sales ploy because…

…this optical chain now has an outlet where they sell secondhand frames. The frames are left in by clients (presumably for payment). The frames in good enough shape are cleaned and adjusted for new clients. This outlet also sells previous season collections and frames made from recycled plastic.

I donate all my old glasses frames to Optometrists without Borders for use in developing countries.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. More and more I am learning that no business can be trusted if money is involved. Capitalism has been permitted to run amok and the financial markets are the culprits.

  2. I don’t know why they said that to you. The lenses on my Gucci pair have been changed six times and they are about fifteen years old and the lenses on my Burberry pair have been updated four times over the last ten years. I just love them and won’t get an other pair until I’m told they need to be changed.

  3. This sounds amazing, I once paid £300 for frames because I thought they would last forever only to be told two years later to change them because they wouldn’t even last another 12 months.

  4. I have titanium lightweight frames, which are thin and retain shape, they are expensive but last for several lens changes. They last 10 years plus depending on number of lens changes. I’m in the UK.

    I love your blog. Thanks

  5. I think they might be conning you. I’ve kept the same frames and had lenses updated many times. Three times on my Chanel frames in fact. I just couldn’t bear to part with them!

    1. You are almost certainly right. They make money on the frames so they refuse to reuse them. The longest I have been without an eye test is seven years and the frames held up fine! Now I go every 18 months and they tell me the frames won’t last another round!

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