Harveys Seatbelt bag

This is a bag I am going to find very hard to sell. It is quite an old Harveys seatbelt bag in silvery cream. The only reason I am thinking of selling is because it is large and heavy. But boy oh boy, it is tough.

Water rolls off seatbelt bags, they never scuff or tear, they are beautifully made, and have this glorious, gorgeous sheen. The lining is also very durable, and mine has three insider zippered pockets and 4 pen holders.

I bought this bag (second hand)  because I thought it wouldn’t matter if it got ragged and dirty – I would just throw it away afterwards. But I have used it a lot and it only has a few little stains on it, despite being light in colour.

This is a nice bag if you don’t use leather, and you also know the company reuses byproducts of the motor industry. There is  a lifetime guarantee for the zippers, stitching and hardware. You can also buy cleaning products for the bags, and all kinds of other products (wallets, straps, clothes, dust bags, cleaning products etc etc). The ‘journal’ part of the website shows the machines used in production, and explains all the designs and extra touches.

Since 1997 Harveys has been making bags and accessories in sunny Southern California. It all started in a tiny garage with husband and wife Dana and Melanie Harvey. While restoring their classic car Dana came up with the idea of making Melanie a matching handbag with the leftover seatbelt. Everyone loved the bag so much they decided to make more for you. 

Harveys made plain bags in the beginning, but have added to their range over the years with many styles, colours, and designs.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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