Christmas movies and elephant jewellery

It’s the time of year that sappy, cheesy Hallmark Christmas romance movies start to come out. Lots of

  • red and green in every scene
  • bad acting
  • weak plots
  • Christmas sweaters
  • snow and tinsel
  • hot chocolate
  • and happy endings.

When I am tired and it is dark outside I sometimes derive great pleasure from mindlessly watching them. But mostly I find them formulaic and once you have seen one, you have seen them all.

I do however, have a  favourite Christmas movie that I can watch over and over. Holiday in the Wild (2019) features a mature couple (Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis were both in their mid-fifties when the movie was made) and Christmas in Africa. Despite the heavy star power of the leading couple, the absolute scene-stealing roles are played by lots and lots of elephants. I have watched this movie at least four times and each time I am on the verge of happy tears as I look at the beauty of Africa and the gorgeous elephants. I miss summer Christmases in Africa. I can recommend! There is not a Christmas sweater, snowflake, or cup of hot chocolate in sight. The best line in the movie is by Rob Lowe’s character – nobody in the world needs ivory…except an elephant.

One thing that I loved from this movie, was the mother-and-baby-elephant necklace worn by Kristin Davis’ character. It was so dainty and delicate, and there nothing cuter than a mama and baby elephant.  I was only able to get a bad screenshot, but you do see it a lot clearer in the movie – another excuse to watch!

I don’t know who made the original, but I found something very similar on Etsy, by Christine Lukas

I love elephants and grew up a few kilometres from the Addo Elephant Park, the third largest nature reserve in South Africa.

I have my wonderful elephant pendant

and also a cheap metal bracelet that I love, but these are the more commonly depicted Asian elephants. Outside of Africa you hardly ever see African elephants depicted in textiles, jewellery and so on. Probably because most items are imported from Asia.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I love that quote from Rob Lowe’s character because ivory only belongs in one place and that is on an elephant or rhinoceros no one else deserves ivory. I love the elephant and it makes me sad that the African elephant is rarely depicted in jewellery or anywhere else. Both continents (Africa and Asia) are made even more spectacular because of their native elephants.

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