Nail colours that have served me well this summer

Essie Clothing Optional

I normally don’t do much with my nails. I type and use my hands a lot so nail varnish never lasts more than four days. I keep my nails short so it often seems a waste to paint them. But I have had time the past few weeks to experiment a little. I generally use two colours each time I paint my nails. One main colour and a coordinating or contrasting shade on my right thumb and left ring finger.

The ring is by Spanish brand Vidal & Vidal

Lately I have used either the two left shades or the two right shades. Surprisingly, I really liked the lemony yellow colour, and it went well with my yellow tops and skirt. I haven’t been so good about using undercoat or topcoat, but lighter shades don’t stain your nails like darker ones do.

Left to right:

  • Essie Topless and Barefoot
  • Essie Clothing Optional
  • Depend 7 Day Flirt with Joey
  • Mavala Lemon Cream

I really like Mavala polishes because they are small. You can use up the whole bottle before it gets goopy. There’s nothing worse than a half full bottle of polish glaring at you while it solidifies.

I use dip ‘n twist removers because it is quick and effective. You can do just one nail if you like without all your other nails getting sticky.

I love nail polish names. I wonder if there is actually a job where all you do is think of names for nail colours?

As an aside, my favourite name of a product (and indeed one of my favourite products of all time, sadly discontinued) was Tigi’s Curl Jam. Man I loved that stuff!

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